ByteIRC now uses Lounge for webchat support! Check out or (fullscreen) to try it out. With this new change, we can now fully support https on our site. Woot! -- by Liam

Welcome to ByteIRC

ByteIRC is a welcoming community from all corners of the web. We pride ourselves on not sticking to a specific category.

Chat with us!

Come join us

As we are accessible and available at any time, feel free to drop into #lobby on if you just want to chat with someone. Many of our users live across the world, so I'm sure someone will be awake!

Easily accessible

As we run Internet Relay Chat services, there are hundreds of dedicated desktop clients, and web clients, so it's nearly impossible not to be able to connect to IRC on your device/platform.

Check out webchat

Don't have an IRC client currently installed? Feel free to check out our web-based IRC client. If you have a website or blog, you can even embed it!

View our statistics

Take a look at our (currently non-existent) statistics page! Find out our most popular channels, as well as our server information.

Frequently asked questions

As you may have quite a few questions or concerns, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if those don't answer your questions, drop into #help on

Friendly IRC ops/staff/admins

Our staff members would be more than happy to provide assistance with any issues that may arise while on our network. If you feel that there may be an issue with another member on IRC, feel free to join #support.