About Us
Learn a bit about ByteIRC

ByteIRC was founded by a few programmers that were looking to branch out, as they didn't see many IRC networks that fit their.. needs. As of writing this, ByteIRC is still extremely new, however we plan to see this network out, in hopes to grow a very large community. If this fits you, I highly suggest mingling with out members, inviting various other communities, and as one, we will grow very large!


Our most common channels on ByteIRC are #lobby for general chatting, and #help for general questions and concerns.

You may find other cool channels by visiting our channels page, or using /list in IRC. 25 total channels registered.


If you do happen to have an issue with another member of our community, if you see any member or guest abusing the rules, or if there is another more urgent matter, feel free to join our #support channel and our network staff would be happy to step in.

Meet us!

We are a very welcoming community, and that includes our staff members. Take a look at our staff page which fully documents our server administrators, as well as our operators.

Meet Us!