Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)
Follow our rules, and we are more than welcoming

#1 Any forms of join, nick, message, or CTCP spamming will not be tolerated.
#2 Being rude or insulting over our network is not prohibited between members, or in help-based channels. Anything inter-channel needs to be brought up to the channel founder.
#3 Be civil. Harassment, discrimination, and other nonsense will not be tolerated.
#4 No bots in #lobby, #help, or #support without prior permission. Bots are welcome in #dev, where you may test your bot, script, etc.
#5 Automated file sharing bots, like XDCC, are prohibited.
#6 Don't speak about any illegal content, share any illegal content, or suggest any locations of where to find any illegal content.
#7 Mark NSFW content [NSFW]. If you have an adult-based channel, ensure to set it as private.
#8 Any form of ban evading, may it be proxy, IRC bouncer, etc, to our services, or a channel will get you banned for good.
#9 Nick sitting is disallowed, if you find any user doing this, bring it up to #support and we will retro-actively look into the issue.
#10 Our ircops and Network Admins are providing their services (and servers, if applicable) free of charge. They are volunteering, treat them as such.
#11 Finding any forms of bugs or vulnerabilities with our services, and not notifying an ircop or Network Administrator will get you banned from our services.