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As we thought of all the things over here at ByteIRC, to join, you can simply use, and this will connect you to the next available server.

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Server Hostname Location Administrator(s) IPv4 IPv6 Port(s) SSL Montreal, Canada (North America) Liam Yes Yes 6665-6669 (6697) Montreal, Canada (North America) Liam & Spitfire (Ucl) Yes Yes 6665-6669 (6697) Montreal, Canada (North America) Liam N/A N/A N/A N/A

Service bots

ID Nickname Ident Hostname Description
1 Kilobyte kilo One thousand bytes
2 Megabyte mega One million bytes
3 Terabyte tera One trillion bytes
4 Gigabyte giga One billion bytes
5 Petabyte peta 1,000 terabytes
6 Exabyte exa 1,000 petabytes
7 Zettabyte zetta 1,000 exabytes
8 Yottabyte yotta 1,000 Zettabytes